Thirty-year-old single mom Alex Sloane is ready for a simple life after her divorce from her verbally and emotionally abusive ex-husband.

One night out with her friends Alex meets Colton Patrick, a Hollywood movie star from her hometown and his friend, Matthew Ryan. Letting go, having fun, and drinking too much leads to what she thinks is a one-night stand.

But when her one-night stand starts calling and texting, Alex decides to give him a chance and start living her life.
Now out from under her ex, Alex is starting to become the woman she once was, but he’s always in the background determined to ruin her at every turn.

Seeing the good and bad sides of the dating world, she must overcome her doubts and fears and learn to trust herself.

But can she? Or will the past haunt her forever?

With Love, Alex is the story of Alex before she meets Luke in Hollywood Redemption. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.


One night can change forever… 

When a single night with a handsome stranger turned my world upside down, I found myself feeling things that I hadn’t felt in a very long time, including insecurities, courtesy of a verbally abusive ex-husband. I fought my way back from the shell of the person I was and I wasn’t ready to give up on love. Not yet.

Luke was gorgeous, thoughtful and completely unlike anyone I’d ever met. But as a famous Hollywood actor, he was also way out of my league, no matter how hard he tried to convince me otherwise. His career took him from coast to coast and I lived in a small town somewhere in between. He was a man on the rise, whose work ruled his life and I was a single mom with a son to raise.

Miles apart, we built a friendship that slowly burned into something either of us saw coming. I wanted to make it work, so did he… but I quickly learned that his life was far from glamorous and my past wasn’t behind us.

The more time we spent together, the more the line between our two worlds faded. The harder we fell I began to wonder, if two people collided by fate and pushed apart by distance could build a love that would last?

Finding love was the easy part… 

Making it last was another story all together.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Luke. He was kind, gentle and the most down to earth guy… but being a famous Hollywood actor came with strings. Messy ones; like crazy fans and having our lives torn apart all over social media.

Sure I had my own baggage, an abusive ex-husband that didn’t want to let go, and the amazing son that we shared. But my life was simple, quiet and it was hard to focus on our budding romance with the chaos our relationship was causing from coast to coast.

We found ourselves back to being miles apart, and with the distance came doubt. I wanted a forever with Luke, but our happy ending seemed just out of reach.

I knew our life wouldn’t be easy, but I never thought our love would put us in danger. Could we really overcome everything standing in our way, and finally get the fairytale ending we deserved?


Everything I thought he wanted was a lie…

I kept loving Holden Montgomery, even after he walked away, shattering my heart into a million pieces.

Now after four years, he’s back on my doorstep… pleading for forgiveness and my hand in marriage.

He asked for time and I vowed to try, but now he was half a world away, deployed with the Marines.

Tragedy strikes, causing Holden to return to me half the man he was before. Now I’ll have to decide if it’s worth risking my heart for a second time, or if our chance at happiness has passed.


Get swept up in this insta-love holiday romance that will make you believe in the magic of New Year’s.

Jax is the modern-day equivalent of a Prince Charming, but he views himself as a beast. He rescues a beauty from the side of the road and never expected one night would change his life forever.

Gabi needed an escape from her world in LA. When her rescuer found her and her wrecked vehicle, she thought he was an angel. She quickly discovers she can rescue him back in a different way.

A holiday power outage still manages to shine light upon what matters most to Gabi and Jax—the people and the moments that define us.

One accident.

A one-night stand.

Two hearts.

And…some mistletoe.

What happens when the ball drops on New Year’s?


I was headed anywhere but home, and fate led me to Lily’s bar. 
When I walked in and saw her
dancing, I couldn’t look away. 
I knew I had to have her. 
I’d even settle for one night, but knew it would never be enough. 
I could tell she was holding back, but I wasn’t afraid of a challenge. 
I felt the second his eyes landed on me, and I knew I’d never be the same. 
The cosmic pull towards him was undeniable. 
Dante wore me down with his playful Leo charm and confident smile. 
He made me feel fearless… maybe it was a sign I was ready to fall again. 
Giving him my number was a good place to start.
Is true love written in the stars for these star-crossed strangers?
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Unsteady in Love – Second chance, Military romance
Kiss Me – Holiday, Insta-love
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