The plan was to move away and never look back. 
Get away from him, out from under my father’s disapproving stare, and start a new life in Willow Bay. 
It was supposed to be my fresh start, but instead my past followed me. 
The one thing I desired and couldn’t have. 
Weston Jackson. 
I hated how he made me feel things that I couldn’t give into without turning my world upside down.
I wanted to make him pay. 
For the way my father now looked at me. For the way I saw myself. 
But most of all… for wanting him the way I did.
This is a pre-order for Oz and Lo’s story. 
She was my twin sister’s best friend and she was off limits.
This date of release is not definite but will be moved once the book is ready for release.

A student/teacher, college sports romance.

This is Danica’s story. A coach/student romance.