Running my hand down his side, I grip his hip. “Feeling what way? Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

“This isn’t just fucking to you, is it?” He blurts out and then quickly clamps his mouth shut.

I almost laugh until I realize that he’s serious, then just as quickly, rage blooms inside of me. How could Maddox think that? I know we had a rocky start, and while we disagree still about quite a few things, I thought I showed him that he’s more than a fuck buddy. Taking a deep breath, I don’t let it out until I rein in my emotions, which takes so long, I’m probably blue in the face. “If it were only that, I would have moved on eleven months ago. So, no,” I shake my head, my grip on his hip tightening. “This is so much more than fucking. It’s… everything.”

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