Ever since kindergarten, I’ve hated Chance. Everything about him rubbed me the wrong way and still does.

In high school, he was always trying to one-up me either in class or out on the ice. Much to his disappointment, I was always the winner.

The competition between us was fierce, and even though we’d been out of school for over a decade, Chance Reed was still always trying to one-up me.

Today he finally got his wish. The man I hate with a passion saved me, and now I owe him and he’ll never let me forget it.

What was once hatred has turned into an attraction I’m not sure I can deny, not now that he’s got me right where he’s always wanted me.

Do I give into what my body wants, or do I fight him like I’ve been doing from the moment we met?

The days in Polar Bear, Alaska, are short and chilly. And the nights. Well, they’re long and frigid. The small, isolated town known for its yearly icy swim is overflowing with hunky, lonely men. These Mountain Men are waiting for their special soulmate to come along and heat things up.

This December, take the plunge with nine of your favorite instalove authors as we introduce you to your new Mountain Man book boyfriends.