“Here,” Walker thrusts a paper cup into my hand as he walks past me on the sidewalk.

“There better be coffee in this,” I shout over my shoulder.

His only response is to flip me off before he ducks inside the music building. I give him shit, but I know he won’t be around for much longer. There’s been a representative from Titan Records sniffing around him and his band, Crimson Heat, for the last couple of months, and soon he’ll be gone making the music he loves.

Flipping open the lid, I inhale the aroma of coffee and then take a long sip even though it burns going down. The asshole probably asked for it to be extra hot, knowing I’d drink half of it in one go, but I don’t care. If I could, I’d mainline coffee into my system. It’s my senior year of college, and I already know there’s going to be countless all-nighters if I want to graduate with honors.

The company I’ve interned at the last two summers is giving me a hefty bonus if I graduate with honors, and I’ll do whatever it takes to start my professional career off right.

I finish the last of my coffee as I step inside my chemical process design class and stop dead in my tracks when I spot the best and most luscious ass directed right at me. She’s bent over, going through a bag on the floor, letting her tight skirt showcase what I’m sure is her best asset. That is until she stands up and I get a look at the rest of her body.

She’s all curves and sexy as sin. Everything about her oozes sex appeal, from the fabric of her shirt that’s straining from her large breasts to the way her hips look like they’re made for my hands to grab onto as I take her from behind. Her long brown hair curls and frames her flawless face, but what really stands out is her bright red lipstick.

Fuck, I can’t help but imagine her down on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock and leaving red rings all along my shaft.

Damn. I’m going to have to thank the professor for giving us such a fine as hell TA.

Normally I’m the type of guy who sits in the back of the class, but not today. Not now. No, I’m going to be up front and center so I can get a better look at her.

I sit directly in front of the teacher’s desk, hoping that the TA will do some more bending and maybe sit on the edge of the desk, so I can fantasize about fucking her on it.

Pulling out my phone, I shoot off a quick text to Walker.


Merrick: Thanks for the coffee asshole.

I almost got a second-degree burn on my tongue.


Immediately three bubbles pop up, and then he sends me the middle finger emoji. I can only laugh.

I scroll through Instagram for a minute but don’t see anything that catches my eye quite like the woman in front of me. I can’t stop glancing up at her and wishing for the first time in my life for a class to start early just so I can hear her voice.

The woman leans over again, but unfortunately for me, not in my direction. When she stands up, she’s donning a pair of red-rimmed glasses that match the shade of her lipstick.

Holy fucking shit, she’s a wet dream come true.

She looks down at her watch and then to the class at large. It’s not a large class since it’s specialized, but there’s only one seat left open.

She moves to stand in front of the desk with her hands behind her back, accentuating a rack that I can only imagine is at least triple D. What I wouldn’t give for the sprinkler system to turn on and soak that white shirt of hers.

“Good morning, class. This is Chemical Process Design. If you’re not supposed to be in here, now’s the time to leave.” She gives everyone a moment, and when no one leaves, she smiles. That bright red smile of hers glows almost as bright as the sun, making me melt in the front row.

“I’m glad you’re all in the right place. I’ll be your teacher for the semester, Roxie Hart.”

Say what?

It takes everything in me to keep my jaw from gaping open at her revelation. How is she our teacher? She looks to be all of twenty-four if that.

It doesn’t matter her age, though, because one thing I know for certain is that by the end of the semester, those red lips of hers will have touched every inch of my body.

Her being my teacher is only a temporary setback.