Reed moans from behind me as he palms my swaying breasts with his large hands and squeezes. “Fucking hell, Rowan. No one has ever made me come undone the way you do.”

His words, along with his thick cock, are my undoing. My entire body tenses underneath his while I start to shake from pleasure. I want to tell him I feel the same way, but my mouth doesn’t work at the moment. All I can do is pant and moan as the tip of his cock hits that sweet spot inside of me over and over again, dragging out my orgasm while he searches for his own.

His hands move to my hips before he starts to pound into me, and I know he’s close to his own release by his erratic thrusts. Even though I’m utterly spent, I push back and give him all that I have like I’ve been doing since we started having sex in his office three months ago.

Fingers dig into my fleshy hips as he stills and unloads deep inside of me. He stays like that for only a few moments before he places a kiss on the side of my neck. Slowly pulling out, Reed lets out a low groan.

I turn to watch him over my shoulder while he watches his cum start to slide out of my pussy and down the inside of my thighs.

Running a finger through the mess trailing down my leg, Reed brings his finger up to my mouth. I lap up our joined essence and then suck on his finger for good measure. His pupils dilate as his cock that’s still hanging out of his pants jerks to attention. “I don’t think there’s a better sight than watching you taste us.”

“I can think of a few things I like to see more than having one of the professors at my school having sex with a student in his office,” a gruff voice says from behind us.

Covering my ample chest with my hands is not an easy feat as I squirm behind Reed’s body to hide from whoever just caught us red-handed. I flush with embarrassment and think if this man had walked in only a few minutes earlier, he would have caught us in the act.

Why isn’t the door locked?

Reed shuffles in place as he clears his throat. “Dr. Stevens, I… I…”

“Speechless? I can’t believe our very own Mr. Cavanaugh doesn’t have anything to say when you’re usually so outspoken. Let me say it for you. You’re fired, Mr. Cavanaugh.”


My heart sinks at the thought of Reed losing his job because of me.

Reaching down, I pick up my shirt and quickly pull it over my head. I can’t let Reed get fired. He loves his job, and all of the students in his classes love him.

Stepping around Reed, I spot a tiny man who looks to be at least in his seventies standing inside the room with a scowl that looks to be permanently etched onto his face. He’s dressed in slacks, a dress shirt, and a sweater with leather patches on the elbows even though it’s May and eighty degrees outside.

“Dr. Stevens, is it?” I squeak out nervously. He only gives me a nod as he glares at Reed behind me. “Please don’t fire Mr. Cavanaugh. He’s a wonderful teacher. All the students love him, and he loves his job and teaching.”

Dr. Stevens scoffs at me. “I can see why he loves his job so much and why his students love him if this is the treatment they receive. However, I can’t in good conscience have him as a teacher at Willow Bay University.”


If Reed gets fired, I know he’ll very likely lose his teaching certificate, and I can’t have that.

“Please don’t fire him. Maybe if Mr. Cavanaugh resigns…” I pause, unsure of what else to say. All I know is I don’t want him to lose what he loves doing so much.

Dr. Stevens nods, and a smile slowly cracks on his wrinkly old face. “Yes, I like the way you’re thinking, miss. I think Mr. Cavanaugh should resign. It’s what’s best for both of us.”

“Dr. Stevens,” Reed starts from behind me but pauses when the old man’s hand shoots out.

“There’s no getting out of this, Mr. Cavanaugh. I expect your resignation to be on my desk by…” he looks down at his watch and then back up at us with a sneer stretched across his face. “You’ve got until eight o’clock tonight.”

My eyes dart to the clock that hangs above the door and see it’s already 6:30.

“And please have your office cleared out by then as well.”

“No, Dr. Stevens. Please wait,” I move around the desk, trying to stop this clusterfuck. “This isn’t going how I wanted it to go, at all.”

“Oh, my sweet dear, when are you going to learn that nothing in life is fair? Especially when you dip your wick into your student’s hot wax.” Eww. I cringe at his analogy as his focus moves to Reed. “Eight o’clock sharp. If you’re not out of here by then, I’ll call security.”

“Wait!” I shout as he places his withered hand on the doorknob. “Please, this isn’t right. Surely—”

“You know what’s not right?” He interrupts. Before I can answer, he answers his own question. “A teacher taking advantage of a student.”

“I can promise you he didn’t take advantage of me,” I clasp my hands in front of me. “I knew what I was doing the entire time.”

Dr. Stevens shakes his head and gives me a look of pity. “I’m sure you thought so, but Mr. Cavanaugh took advantage of you. While I don’t want to know the specifics, I can tell from just looking at you.”

Say what?

With my hands planted on my full hips, I cock my head to the side. I’m about ready to blow.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I grit out.

“It’s no secret Mr. Cavanaugh is an attractive man and that lots of the female student population would like to be in the same position you’re in. Your low self-esteem was taken advantage of in this situation. That’s all.”

My brows knit together. “What makes you think I have low self-esteem?” While I know I’m thicker than the majority of the student body, I love my body, and Reed has shown me many times over the last few months how much he enjoys it as well.

His eyes soften, and I know he’s about to land a blow I’m not prepared for. “Do you really think a man like Mr. Cavanaugh would honestly be interested in a girl like you?”

“And what kind of girl am I?” I ask weakly.

“A thick girl. A big girl.” His eyes trail up and down my frame, and I feel like slinking back behind Reed again, not wanting his eyes on me. “I will give you one thing, you’re beautiful.”

I don’t need his compliments, just like I don’t need his demeaning words.

Looking down at myself, I see my shirt is disheveled, and my skirt is wrinkled from being bunched up around my hips as Reed took me from behind. I can also see the faint line of our combined releases on one leg. My ears are the first to heat from embarrassment, then my face and chest. I don’t bother to look down to confirm my chest is splotchy. My body has always given me away when I least want it to.

“Ah, you finally see it. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news for both of you. Now I suggest you go home and get cleaned up while Mr. Cavanaugh gets his belongings together and writes that letter.”

Shocked, all I can do is stare as the old man opens and closes the door. I’m not sure how long I stand there transfixed on the door before I turn around. I want Reed to make me feel better, to take away the hurt from Dr. Steven’s words. But when I turn around, I’m not prepared for what I see. Reed is standing with his hands braced on his desk, and his blue eyes are hard and trained on me.

“Reed, I’m—”

“What?” He barks out. “Sorry for ruining my life? Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“I was only trying to help,” I croak out. I want to run to him, but Reed is now looking at me like I’m the villain in this story instead of the old man who barged into the room.

“If that’s what you call helping, I don’t want to see what you’d do if you were intentionally trying to hurt me.” He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. I can hear it from where I stand only, two feet away. When he opens his eyes, I don’t recognize the man standing in front of me. Gone is the man I’ve been falling for, and standing in his place is a total stranger. All the softness that usually adorns his face when he looks at me is gone. He’s all hard lines and angles now. His jaw is sharp as it ticks in irritation, and he’s looking at me like I’m the scum beneath his shoe.

“I’m sorry. I truly only wanted to help. What can I do to make this better?”

I take a step but falter at his next words. “You need to leave and never come back. I don’t want to see you ever again.”


“Did I not make myself clear?” he grits out. His hands are clenched in a fist at his sides.

“But what about us? Surely you’re not—”

“Not what?” He interrupts again. “I’m not going to do anything except getting the hell out of here before that asshole calls security on me. It’s bad enough he caught us. He could very well go to the school board, and I lose the ability to teach. Yeah,” he laughs bitterly. “You’ve done enough. Now go before this gets any uglier.”

I don’t see how it could possibly get any worse, but I don’t say anything of the sort. Instead, I hang my head, not willing to let him see the tears that are now brimming to the surface. I will not let this man see me cry. Not now. Not ever.