Smoothing my other hand down his spine, I gripped his hip and rolled Xander onto his side. Straddling his waist, I took his cock in my hand, gripping it hard, and started stroking. My thumb ran over the head and along the underside. Xander’s eyes shut as he bucked his hips.

His eyes opened and locked on mine. “How do you always know the right way to touch me?” He moaned.

“I’m talented that way,” I smirked. “Let me show you what else I’m good at.” Leaning down, I started to place kisses down his chest and licked along both sides of his obliques.

“Fucking hell, you know how to torture me too.” His large hand gripped my hair as he tried to push me down to where he really wanted me. 

My eyes flicked up to his, and I smiled. “All good things come to those who wait.”

“I’ve waited my entire life for you. I think that’s long enough. Now suck my dick.”


Sweeping down, I licked along his shaft and then wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock, sucking and licking until he was desperately arching his hips up for more. Only then did I open my mouth and take all of him in, swallowing his length until he hit the back of my throat.

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