“I like being alone with you,” he said on a soft exhale. “And I’m not sure I can hold back much longer.”

“Then don’t. Kiss me, Remy. Show me how much you want me with only your lips,” I dared him.

With a brief quirk of his mouth, Remy captured my lips with his. At first, it was soft and slow as we got to know the other’s touch. Our bodies fused together as he moved us to where he could stand underneath a little bluff with an overhang to shield us from prying eyes.

Strong arms held me to his muscular body as his mouth demanded more from me. Remy’s tongue slipped inside, tasting me, and I did the same to him. He tasted of mint and honey, a strangely alluring combination. I groaned into his mouth that seemed to spur him on. Wrapping my ponytail in his fist, Remy moved my head to the side to give him better access.

The way he took control sent a shock wave through my system. I loved it and the slight bite of pain that accompanied the tight hold he had on my hair.

My legs wrapped around his waist, and I started to grind my slick heat against the bulge in his swim trunks. One hand found purchase in the long, dark strands of his hair while the other ran along the muscles of his back.

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