“Do you have a better offer?”
No, I shook my head. Even though I’d only known Leo for a little more than twenty-four hours, I knew I’d never meet a better guy. It didn’t matter that I’d been drinking almost nonstop since I arrived or woke still drunk this afternoon.
“Come on. Let’s go get married, so I can fuck you.”
“Let’s do it.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and sealed it with a kiss that told me Leo was the one for me going by the way my body jolted when our lips met, or how incredibly soft his lips were as they melded to mine. He swayed us back and forth, but that was where the sweet ended. His tongue swept into my waiting mouth. I could taste the tequila and lime and something that was distinctly him, making me moan. One hand left my waist to cup my ass cheek and pull me further into his erection.