Headlights flash through his bedroom window, making my heart race double time. I’m scared of what lies ahead for our future, but I know this is what I need to do to keep us safe.

In my head, I count the stairs as I descend to the living room, making sure I don’t step on the one squeaky stair that will alert my departure. I never understood why Bradley wouldn’t fix it, but now I wonder if it was in case of this very scenario. I know if I get caught now, it’s likely Bradley will kill me, Beckham, and my unborn baby.

After turning off the alarm, I open the front door, but stop when it lets out a loud noise that I swear could wake the dead and very well might have woken my boyfriend.

No, not my boyfriend.

My ex-boyfriend.

He just doesn’t know it yet. He won’t know until he wakes up in the morning and finds us gone.

Holding onto Beckham with everything in me, I run out of the house and down the sidewalk to the waiting car. I don’t even sit Beckham down in the seat before I slide in and buckle us both in with him on my lap.

“Go,” I urge the driver as sweat starts to form along my hairline.